We invite you to share your China adoption journey with family and friends through a personal adoption website, created by us, for you.  We will create a beautiful, memorable website for your loved ones to enjoy. 

If you are considering myadoptionwebsite for your adoption journey, please take a minute to read this page carefully, then feel free to contact us with any questions!  To place an order, please click on the Order link above.

* Price and services as of December 30, 2011

Our website package is for families who are expecting their referral soon or already have received their referral and are waiting to travel to China. The site will include the following features:

Your own home page styled as a beautiful announcement, featuring a photo of your precious new child, as well as various text of your choice. For families expecting their referrals soon, this is the perfect way to introduce your new child to family and friends as we will work to have your website completed prior to Referral Day and update your site within hours of receiving your first pictures and referral information.

Your web site may include up to five different links, including our standards:  "About Our Child," "Trip to China," "We're Home," and "Guestbook." You may include one additional link of your choice.  This page may have text and up to six photos.

While in China, you may send us up to six photos and an unlimited number of words each day for us to post to your site.  We are proud to say that we update our clients' sites seven days a week!  We will post up to 15 updates, one per day, during your trip.  If you are in China for more than 15 days, you may either combine days into one update, or simply purchase additional updates for $10 a piece.

Two updates dedicated to your first weeks home, each of which may include up to six photos and an unlimited number of words. 


Extra Photos

You may have us post extra photos to your updates.  While in China we ask that you send no more than 12 total each day . . . in other words, you may send up to 6 extra photos each day.  The cost is $8 for every 6 photos.  We will simply add up the number of extra photos posted and bill you accordingly upon your return.

Extra In-China  Updates
Each of our packages include up to 15 in-China updates. Additional in-China updates cost $10 each, as do any extra updates posted prior to your trip.  

Extended Hosting

For orders placed in 2012 we will not be offering Extended Hosting. Once a family has arrived home we will post the two We're Home updates. The site can remain live for up to 6 months . . . after that a family should order the Keepsake CD, or ask that the site simply be taken off-line.

Keepsake CD of Your Journey
Families may purchase a CD that contains all of their web pages for $20.
Additional CDs may be purchased for $10 each.

Returning families
We love hosting second, third, even fourth journeys for our myadoptionwebsite families! To thank you for using our services again, your first Keepsake CD will be free . . . a $20 value. For your third website, we will include a second free Keepsake CD, a $30 value.

Important Notes:

- We have always strived to post in-China updates in a very timely fashion - - usually within just a few hours of receiving photos and text, and often sooner. Joe has the reputation for being a very early riser! While we will continue in this manner, there will certainly be times that we not able to post an update as quickly as we would like (though always the same day.) Please remember this as you consider our services.

- For families adopting a Waiting Child, we recommend that you have your PA and are close to TA before having your site created.

- The ideal time to place an order is 4 - 6 weeks prior to traveling.  For families adopting a NSN child, you are welcome to place your order about a month prior to receiving your referral, so that you can use the site as your "announcement."


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