Our Newest Designs


Announce your long-awaited referral in style with this new feminine, fun design. Our "It's a girl" theme features a bold combination of bright pink and black, along with beautiful fonts and design elements. The pink background can be lightened if you prefer a softer look.

It's our original China Love design with a pleasant yellow and red twist. "Always in my Heart" in Chinese calligraphy is featured on the front, while the Chinese symbol for "love" serves an an attractive background.

We're pleased to introduce a new Butterfly design! The butterfly has long been one of China's symbols for family happiness and joy. Two beautiful butterflies grace this simple design in pleasant peachy pink and green tones. It is Listed on our order form as "Butterflies (Pink/Green)".


Polka Dots & Monogram China Love

This delicate announcement will always hold a special place in our hearts as it was the design we used for our Adrienne's original home page. It features a textured pink border with the first initial of the child's first name placed in the lower left-hand corner and also tiled in the announcement's background layer. This style combines several of our most popular design themes.  A mix of pale green polka dots rest on a soft pink layer surrounded by a background of tiny pink polka dots.  The child's name and monogram are featured in a darker pink shade, while other custom text elements blend nicely in gray. The beauty of Chinese calligraphy is featured in this simple, elegant design.  "Always in my heart" is written in both Chinese and English in the upper left-hand corner, while the Chinese symbol for "love" serves an an attractive background.  A black and white photo looks great on this home page design. 

Dear Daughter



The popularity of our "China Love" design inspired us to create this beautiful announcement.  The word "daughter" is written in traditional Chinese calligraphy, both in the background layer and as a blended image beneath the child's name.  Classic black and white or color photo may be used on the announcement page. Fuchsia, green and white flowers speckle a pink border in this beautiful spring-like design. The vibrant colors are carried into the body of this crisp announcement with the name and short verse or saying in fuchsia and the referral information in green. The announcement is layered on a pink polka dot design. Regarded as a sign of good fortune around the world, ladybugs have become a popular good luck symbol for families adopting from China. This design uniquely incorporates the red and black colors of the ladybug in the text, border and background, styled in a red gingham pattern.
Monogram Panda Journey

Plaid & Polka Dots

We combined three of Jennifer's favorites: Pink and Brown, monograms, and polka dots!  The result?  A beautiful and special design, for your beautiful and special baby girl.  This site can be created in any color combination, and if you prefer, can feature Chinese characters instead of polka dots. Giant Pandas roam the central mountains of China and are most often seen eating bamboo. In fact, the average panda consumes 50 pounds of bamboo per day. This lovely red and black announcement features a cuddly panda wrapped around a bamboo tree. The decorative background design features "journey" in Chinese characters. A creative pink plaid design serves as the backdrop for this announcement, which is framed with a tasteful green border. This color scheme was inspired by the growing popularity of the pink-green combination used for decorating nurseries. The plaid announcement is layered on top of coordinating polka dots.

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