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One year after adopting our daughter from China, myadoptionwebsite was born. Our desire is to offer adoptive parents an attractive, easy and affordable way to share your China adoption journey with family and friends through a personal website.

Our Gotcha Day - March 14, 2004

The idea was conceived shortly after returning home from China with our new 13-month-old daughter. While in China, we had kept family and friends updated by posting pictures and information to a website we had created months earlier. Many people had begun tracking our adoption story on the web when we had posted our daughter's referral pictures, health report and personal characteristics, which were sent to us by our wonderful agency, Great Wall China Adoption. We later discovered that our personal adoption journey had received hundreds of visits during our 15-day journey.

Over and over, we were told by family and friends how much it meant to watch our adoption unfold, both through our pictures and personal journal. People not only felt part of the process, they also learned a lot about international adoption.  Knowing that others were impacted by following our story - this incredibly unique and exciting journey to parenthood - has been the most rewarding aspect of creating our own adoption website.

We created myadoptionwebsite so that others could share their own China adoption story with family and friends over the worldwide web. We create and maintain all of the personal adoption websites that we host. Those who choose our services simply email us their desired text and photos. We import your text and resize your photos for placement on your personal website.

Joe has been working in Communications, Marketing and Broadcasting for many years.  Jennifer worked in Higher Education, and now oversees myadoptionwebsite - communicating with the families and posting most of the updates. We both graduated from a small Christian college in the early nineties with degrees in communications.

Becoming parents through adoption has been the most rewarding, wonderful experience we could possibly have imagined.  If you are soon to be an adoptive parent, or are perhaps just researching the process, we wish you all the very best as you journey to your child.

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