We understand that trust is a big factor when deciding who will design, host and maintain your adoption web site.  That is why we chose to include several comments from some of the families who have used our service.

Wow!!  Great job! We absolutely love the website!  - S.C.

I love it!!! You both did a fabulous job. -  N.P

WOW! Thank you so much! We are excited to share the site with our
family and friends. I hope you know how much your service means to those of
us who use it! - B.W.

Thank you so much for doing all of this so quickly! We do truly appreciate it!
It looks great we think! - M and M. S.

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with our postings. We got up each morning and turned on the computer just to see the posting appear. Thank you also for providing this service. If we had tried to do it on our own or just kept a written journal we would never have had such an incredible record of our adoption journey. You made it very easy to pick out pictures and sit down and write every night. - A.L.

We just returned from introducing our daughter at our agency's waiting families meeting tonight and were touched with how much our site meant to so many of the families in the waiting process. - A.L.

We think the website is perfect as is. You did a wonderful job of incorporating the text, pictures, poems and bible verses into the site. It tells "our story" perfectly. Thank you sooooo much!  - A.R.

We love this! It looks amazing. - R.W.

Thanks Jennifer! We absolutely love the site beyond words! - A. and M. C.

We are thrilled with the site! The coloring is beautiful . . . We are so happy and can’t wait to share with family and friends. Thank you so much.  - G. and J. S.

It is so beautiful. thank you so much. I am sure my family and friends will love the site.  - M.Z.

I love it!  It all looks great!  Thank you - Thank you!  I love the colors!  Thank you for all the extra stuff you both had to do to get the pages together.  I am so excited.   - S.G.

Amazing work.  I just got the best Christmas present...a beautiful website to track our journey to become a family.  What more can I say.  Thanks bunches.  - E.F.

I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to thank you for doing 
such a great job with our daughter's myadoptionwebsite.com site. 
Everyone is STILL talking about it.  -K.R.

WE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! IT IS PERFECT!!! . . . I could just cry!!!!  We are so pleased with EVERYTHING!!!!  It truly is perfect!  Better than what I had imagined!  Thank you!  - L.W.

Thank you so much Jennifer, it looks terrific.  I am so excited to be able to share this with our friends and family.  You did a fantastic job, it is just exactly how I wanted it to look.  - S.S.

Oh my gosh!!!  I love it . . . You guys are amazing and it is so special and beautiful!!! Much thanks already.  - L.A.

Everything looks great!  I'm so excited that we were able to get this done in such a short timeframe.  Thanks!  - S.

You have done a wonderful job!  This is something our daughter will be very proud of 
in a few years when she is able to read through it. What a wonderful thing you are 
doing for us families and mostly these wonderful children we are blessed to have.  C.Z.

I am so happy we chose you both to do this for us. I knew as soon as I read your own story that you were the ones we wanted. Again, if you EVER need raves, please let me know.  -S.B.

Thank you guys so much for the work you put into these websites!  Having a company do this for us is such a relief!!  -S.

Thank you for what you do.  It is truly a blessing for us that you are making this possible for us. - S.R.

We're hoping that our website will encourage others, and we could have never had it the way we wanted without you guys.  It has been a pleasure working with you.  - M.H.

Well … now that I have finally stopped sobbing, I can write and thank you for this incredible “treasure” that you have created for us! . . . So, it’s safe to say that “Yes! We love the site!” -E.

I an typing to you through tears, so  please forgive any typos.  The site is just precious.  God truly has blessed you with a gift and we sincerely thank you for sharing it with us through this service.  We will continue to tell everyone we know about your site, as we truly believe that is more to you than just a company. Your cute touches, kind email responses and timeliness are proof of that.  Thank you again. We couldn't be happier -B.S

Thank you once again on the terrific job, I have received numerous positive comments on the website. -B.Z.

Thanks for all of your help....we have had so much feedback from friends and colleagues it is truly amazing.  My husband had tears in his eyes when he read it. -S.K.

Wow, that was quick--it looks great!! . . .  I'm so excited!  Thanks again.   J.K.

Thanks for your great service - we love sharing our beautiful website with friends & family! -J.W.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  It all looks so wonderful!!!!! I appreciate the way you have put all this together. You guys are the best! I've given out her website to just about everyone. We are so proud of her and the site you've put together for us! -L.J.

B E A U T I F U L !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am over the moon pleased!!! -N.B.

The site is fantastic!  I will be very highly recommending you! -S.E.

We are so in love with our website - and especially seeing our little girl on it.  Thanks again, you do great work!! -J.M

I cannot thank you enough for your creativity. Love it all. -A.Z.

We have heard from people all over the country that have been following and have 
loved the site.  - J.N.

"I absolutely LOVE it!  Wow - I couldn't picture how it would look . . . but you've made it look great.  Thank you for everything!  We are very, very, very happy with the work you do and our site!" -J.A.

"We've received innumerable compliments on how well done the site is.  It truly is invaluable to us." - S.H.

"It looks great!  We've had a lot of fun sharing the site and receive MANY wonderful compliments about it.  Several families in my DTC group are using your service - their sites look great, to.  GOOD JOB!  Thanks again!" -J.W.

You guys rock!  Everything looks wonderful! -M.H.

"We’ve received so many compliments about our site, you’ve done a wonderful job!" -A.M.

"Everything looks great on the website!  Thank you so much!!!" -J.C. 

"Thanks for the web site, tons of friends and family comment on it every day.  Many of them checked it with their family huddled around the computer.  You guys did an awesome job!" -C.L.

"We are thrilled with the site!  Thank you so much for everything!" -B.M.

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