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Adrienne's "Buds"

Hello friends! May I introduce you to just a few of Adrienne's favorite "Buds" . . . some little stuffed animals she has loved for a long time! They've become like  members of the family . . . even I'm a bit attached to "Lion", her first love.  Here is what I like about this particular brand and style of stuffed animal:  They are super soft, small enough for a toddler to carry around comfortably, big enough to hug, and the best feature yet - and the reason they even made it onto Jennifer's Place - they are machine washable! I just throw them in with a load of clothes, and they emerge from the washer and dryer clean, fresh, fluffy and good as new! You can't ask for more in a stuffed animal that is taken everywhere (which means dropped everywhere), slept with, chewed on, and "fed" real food!

They are made by Ty Inc., and their tags all have a heart with the letters "ty" inside it.  We've found them in Hallmarks stores, Barnes and Noble, and gift shops.   Retail price around $6. 

Next, here is an update on the darling flower hats mentioned a few weeks ago:

Baby Cappelli has a new name . . . they are now Jamie Rae Hats! And to help get the word out about this change, Jamie is offering free shipping through March 31st. Please enter coupon code: freeship during check out to redeem.  All major credit cards are accepted on line, in addition to a pay pal option.

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