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Squeaky Shoes

As you can see by my late post, it has been a very busy week in our household! Among other things, I have a dear friend leaving for Ethiopia on June 22 to adopt two beautiful children. So I've been assisting her with all the preparations, including plans for a last-minute send-off celebration!

Squeaky Shoes If there is one item I plan to stock up on when we return to China for our second adoption, it is leather squeaky shoes and sandals! Why? They are so affordable, so colorful, and so very cute! The most important thing to know, however, is that the squeakers in the heels come out, leaving you with a fun and functional pair of shoes! How affordable are they? I'd say - and please correct me if I'm wrong - that you can buy a pair in Guangzhou for around $5. And maybe less if you are buying several pairs. To contrast that, consider that boutiques in the U.S. now carry these shoes for upwards of $30! 

So if you haven't traveled yet, trust me when I recommend that you purchase several colors in several sizes. You'll be glad you did! For an example of some successful shoe shopping in China, don't miss the photo at the bottom of this post!

If you are already home from China, or if you'd just like to buy a pair of squeaky shoes before you travel (they make a fun secret pal or shower gift), consider this website: Some of you may already be familiar with Angel Covers. Even if you aren't interested in the shoes, please take a minute to read about this organization! If you'd like to purchase darling shoes at an affordable price, just click on the Products link at the top of the homepage, then click on the Squeaky Shoes link on the left side of that page.

From the Angel Covers website: Angel Covers Foundation was created by parents
concerned about the plight of children around the world. Our goal is to enhance the lives of children who will likely spend their childhoods in orphanages. This will be accomplished by providing direct support to specific orphanages as well as working closely with
other foundations and their existing programs.

Another resource for colorful, darling shoes is Puddle Jumper Shoes.  They can be found at: Be sure to check out the Markdowns page for some great deals! Carrie, the owner of Puddle Jumper Shoes, is mother to two daughters from China and supports the China Orphan Relief Fund. To read more, scroll to the bottom of her homepage and click on the About Us link.

Here is the size conversion for Chinese squeaky shoes:

Chinese size 18 = US 2 (the first size Adrienne wore . . . she has small feet!)
Chinese size 19 = US 3
Chinese size 20 = US 4
Chinese size 21 = US 5
Chinese size 22 = US 6
Chinese size 23 = US 7
Chinese size 24 = US 8 (Adrienne's current size, which is hard to find.)

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