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Sandra Boynton

I shared my thoughts on this month's "Let's Share" topic a few days ago. A heartfelt thank you to all who've shared with us so generously. I encourage you - if you have a story to tell, please consider doing so. Remember, you can post your message anonymously.

Now, on a lighter note . . .

Sandra Boynton!!!

It goes without saying the importance of reading to your children. I know many of you are busy stocking your nursery bookshelves in anticipation of this wonderful parenting ritual. And if you are home with children now, you know the joys of snuggling up with your son or daughter to page through a book together. Well, my hands-down favorite author for babies and toddlers is Sandra Boynton, and I know Adrienne would agree! Even though Adrienne has moved on to longer, more involved stories, we still return to Sandra's books for a rhyme and a giggle. When you read books over and over and over and over, it's nice to find some that never get old!

Artist Sandra Boynton has been charming adults for decades with her whimsical, animal-centric greeting cards and her droll sense of humor. When Boynton transferred her weirdly wonderful critters to board books for babies, she made publishing history. These short, hilarious books are perfectly suited to toddler tastes, with their small size, few words, cheerful colors, funny jokes, and silly animals. - Editorial Review,
Boynton is a master at writing energetic board books, and a true measure of her abilities is the longevity of her appeal. One young reader has had MOO, BAA, LA LA LA! since infancy and now, at three years old, still eagerly reaches for this title. Even children as young as six months old will react to the inflection of the reader's voice repeating the rhymes, and to the vivid art. The text lends itself to a boisterous read-aloud session, and young children will have oodles of fun providing the animal sounds. In addition to the humor-laden text are Boynton's gleeful illustrations. The pages are drenched in color, providing a vibrant backdrop for the tale. The comic strip-style drawings of the animals feature clean lines, giving the overall illustration enough detail to round out the text without cluttering up the page. - Review of MOO, BAA, LA LA LA!, Common Sense Media

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