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Prissy Poofs

When you have a child who literally seems to dance through her days, then you can't help but want her to have the biggest, best, over-the-top tutu possible. I recently saw Prissy Poofs in Child Magazine and visited their website. What a name, and what a skirt!! Made beautifully out of yards and yards of fine tulle, the Prissy Poof lives up to its promise: It's "the perfect accessory for your princess!"

The occasion for this special purchase was the celebration of our "Family Day." When she pulled it out of the box and put it on, Adrienne said quite seriously, "I want to wear this for the rest of my life." You can't ask for more than that!!

Besides wanting to pass on what I think is a fun and sweet addition to your daughter's closet, I think a Poof gives you a wonderful outfit for a special photo. And what really made me want to mention them here is that they offer a Ladybug Poof . . . so much fun for that first professional photo of your little lady!

Go to for all the information you need. Happy dancing!

(I selected the "Perfectly Plain Poof", in white.)

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