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Checking in and Digital Cameras

Hello Families and Friends,

While enjoying a bit of rest and relaxation, I wanted to take a minute to update you on Joe. We've just been so very overwhelmed and blessed by all the love and support sent our way - thank you! Joe had an appointment with his doctor before we left, and the decision was made to hold off on the surgery until next week. There is still a chance that the bad break in his collarbone is healing properly on its own. It isn't likely, but there was enough of a chance that it seemed worth the wait. So after an x-ray on the 29th, we'll know. In the meantime, he is doing surprisingly well. We just are amazed at how quickly his face healed. A friend recommended an ointment called Polysporin. It worked wonders!

Your Guestbook messages to us have been too kind! What a blessing - thank you! I do hope that some of you - our myadoptionwebsite readers and friends - will still take the time to share a bit about yourselves, and perhaps leave a link to your own blog or site.

A few other tidbits for you:

Diana, mother to that darling, sweet Ruby, was kind enough to share with us about her camera. Weren't her photos just beautiful? Diana says, "My camera is a Digital SLR, Nikon D50. I love it almost as much as the husband who gave it to me!!! This was last year's model. I use two different lenses. One goes to 55mm and the other to 200mm. I also use a boot flash 100% of the time inside or outside. If someone is going to make the investment, I highly recommend this additional accessory for it." She was kind enough to send me this information for you from China! Thanks Diana!

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