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Happy April to everyone!

Several weeks ago I received the following question from Elizabeth: I want to capture every aspect of this journey. I would like to buy a video camera and software to create videos with music and captions. I have no idea were to start. Do you have any recommendations?

Last weekend I had the opportunity to sit down with my brother-in-law, Matthew, the most astute shopper I know when it comes to purchases such as this. And just as expected, he came through with some great suggestions! Here are two of his recommended resources for researching technology products.

The first is You could spend days here, just reading about products, product reviews, new software, special offers, and so on. If you are considering purchasing a video camera, here is what Matthew recommends:

First, click on the "Camcorders" link on the top, left side of the homepage. Once there, first click on the "Camcorder Buying Guide" link. You'll be taken to a page just FULL of great information. Educate yourself about what style camcorder is best for you, based on your budget, interests, and needs. This page will walk you through that process.

Next you can read through cnet's product reviews, including their Editor's top picks.

And there is also link from the Camcorder page to information about music- and video-editing software.

Another website Matthew recommend spending time on is This is also a site devoted to helping people, "choose, use and enjoy electronics." I know you'll also find helpful information there!

And for what its worth, Matthew is quite brand loyal to Sony. Ann says that if Sony made a toothbrush, they'd own it!

Last, my always very helpful mother, knowing I was preparing this post, shared this link with me yesterday for anyone looking at digital cameras:

As you make your plans for that incredible trip to China, I have to say taking a video camera should be a high priority. If it is not in your buget to make this purchase, do consider borrowing one from a relative or close friend. I can tell you that the video we have of our Gotcha moment and first hours with Adrienne is more priceless to me than you can imagine . . . we never tire of watching it.

Thank Matthew and Mom!! And thanks to Elizabeth for posing a great question!

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