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Michael Miller China Doll Fabric

If you've followed China adoption websites and blogs for very long, you may have noticed families who've purchased items made from a darling fabric featuring little Asian girls holding umbrellas . . . the fabric is called "China Doll", and it was created by Michael Miller, a fabric company known for its fun, bright and whimsical prints. If you enjoy shopping for custom children's clothes and accessories (blankets, bibs, etc.) on ebay or etsy (a popular website where handmade items are sold), you often see Michael Miller fabrics.

Most recently we saw little Kensington sleeping under a China Doll blanket while in China. Her mother told me that she purchased it from an on-line boutique called Bella-Gigi, And last February, Lilyana wore this beautiful outfit, purchased in Guangzhou.

For do-it-yourselfers, the fabric is readily available in on-line fabric stores, and ebay.

Enjoy! Next up, our second Great Giveaway . . . I think you're going to love what I found!


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