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Attaching in Adoption by Deborah D. Gray

Hello Friends!

Welcome to the first posting at Jennifer's Place! I'm beginning on a bit of a serious note; I promise lots of lighthearted matter in the future . . . I like nothing more than talking about clothes and bows! But first, I want to share about a book that I think every waiting and adoptive parent should own: Attaching in Adoption, by Deborah D. Gray. Too scared to read it while we waited, it was only last year that I finally sat down to learn about a subject I knew too little about. . . and how I wish I'd read it sooner! Chapter 1 alone is invaluable - "What is Attachment and Why Is It Important?" And Chapter 8, "Emotional Development: Promoting Attachment at Every Stage" should be considered a "must read." How wonderful to have that little one placed in your arms and be equipped with the tools to begin the vital process of attachment!

Are some of the topics discussed overwhelming? Yes. But don't let that prevent you from learning such important information regarding the emotional well being of your future child.  Speaking from personal experience, I know that we would have done some things differently those first days and weeks with Adrienne, and certainly would have been more mindful of her special needs as a newly adopted child.

From the back cover: "Gray's approach is positive, practical and realistic, providing age-specific advice with clear explanations of developmental stages for adopted children and checklists to help parents assess how their child is doing at every stage." Amy Klatzkin, in a review for Adoptive Families Magazine, March/April 2002

Attaching in Adoption is available at Amazon for about $17 new, and $15 used.

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