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Our Family


Chris ~ Active duty military pilot and fun loving dad. Chris loves to toss the football and wrestle with the boys but isn't too tough to brush his girls' hair or push them endlessly on the swings. "Little dude, we cannot wait until you are physically present with us. It feels like forever since God told us you would be the eighth child in our blessed family and we just know that you will provide many special moments in all our lives!"

Stefanie ~ Stay at home mom who tries to bring new meaning to the term 'multi-task'! Busy but loves the chaos that a big family produces and is so grateful to God for entrusting so many tiny lives to her care. "Counting the days until I get to you, my precious little Shepherd! And I thank God every day for blessing us with the gift of you!" :)

Victoria, 18 ~ Biggest big sis who has set the bar high for her younger siblings. Freshman at Georgia Tech and extremely supportive of brother number 5 joining the brood. "Can't wait to welcome you home and give you a big ol' kiss, Shepherd!"

Zach, 13 ~ Biggest brother and aficionado of TV and Mexican food. "Hey Shepherd, I love you! Hope you get home safely!"

Asher, 8 ~ Reader extraordinaire and loves to watch and play football. "I pray you come home safely and that you're very healthy and happy. I love you!"

Dalton, 6 ~ Athletic and competitive and loves to play video games. "I'm so excited for you to come home. I hope you feel happy at this home with us. Love, Dalton"

Sophie, 4 ~ Talky talkerson! She loves to talk and often asks about Shepherd, specifically when her baby brother will be coming home. "I'm your big sister, Sophie! I want you to come home so I can play with you!"

Isabelle, 3 ~ Busy body! Loves to play, swing and adores Dora. I asked her about her new little brother, here's how it went...

Mom: "Isabelle, where is Shepherd?"

Isabelle: "I get it!" Runs from room. Comes back with my necklace with Shepherd's picture. "I have it, mama?" trying to put the necklace around her neck. I don't think she quite gets what's coming....

Jude, 2 ~ Sweetheart, but reigning baby of the family and acts like it. When asked if he knew who Shepherd was he replied, "Noooo." and promptly walked away. Maybe he DOES get it ;)

We'll give thanks to You
With gratitude
For lessons learned in how to trust in You
That we are blessed beyond what we could ever dream
In abundance or in need

Nichole Nordeman ~ Gratitude

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