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8-31 I wake up with a verse on my heart: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will direct your paths." Proverbs 3:5-6

9-9 After prayerful consideration Chris and I decide to move forward with another adoption. We contact Families First to get our homestudy started!

9-25 After completing initial paperwork for Families First we are contacted by our social worker and set up our homestudy appointments.

9-26 Surprise call from Kelly de Rosier at CHSFS! She says she has a little boy's file who she thinks would be perfect for our family!

9-29 After having JiaMing's file reviewed by our pediatrician (agency policy) we officially accept the referral!

10-1 We excitedly FedEx our application to CHSFS!

10-2 We write out our "Rehabilitation and Nurture Plan" for the LOI and a short summary of ourselves that will be submitted to the CCAA.

10-6 Our marriage certificate arrives from VitalChek.

10-9 Our LOI is on its way to China! Jude is 8 months old today!

10-10 Receive both of our birth certificates.

10-12 Stefanie has all her labs drawn and her physical completed.

10-15 Chris' physical completed today. Also our first homestudy meeting with Families First!

10-24 Police clearance letters completed today.

10-25 Second homestudy visit.

10-30 Final homestudy visit! Yea!

11-1 CHSFS calls to say that things are looking encouraging for us receiving the family size waiver we need!

11-9 Our homestudy is complete and is forwarded to our agency for approval! Jude turns 9 months old today!

11-15 We receive 'verbal PA' from our agency! Now we just have to wait on the paper PA to arrive from China for it to be official!!

11-27 Receive our fingerprint notice from the Atlanta USCIS office.

12-1 Pick up last doctor's letter to include with our homestudy requesting expedition of our I171H due to Jude's special need.

12-7 Our homestudy is on its way to the USCIS office in Atlanta, FINALLY!

12-9 Jude turns 10 months old today!

12-17 We drive to Atlanta to have our fingerprints taken. Thank goodness it went off without a hitch!

12-18 Completed Adoption Application, Financial Statement and receive Chris' completed physical today.


Today is the day! We get a call from Sarah at CHSFS...our PA is finally here!!

1-6 Jude's first care package is officially on it's way! Soon he'll get his first glimpse of his new family!

1-9 Jude turns 11 months old today! We receive our TX and DE documents back, now we just need that darned 171! I receive a reply from the email I sent to the Atlanta USCIS office, but it doesn't offer much hope. I am reminded that all of this will happen in His timing and His timing IS perfect!

1-11 Right before heading out to the Atlanta SoS office, I receive an email from the USCIS. The orphan officer wrote to tell me that our application has been approved! Praise God!!

1-13 We received some new pictures of Jude from a family that was traveling to adopt their daughter from GuTian SWI. They said he is being very well cared for...an answer to our prayers!

1-17 It's HERE! Our 171 arrives as promised :) Chris heads off to Atlanta to have it and all our other docs processed but hits a snag with my birth certificate and has to return home without finishing.

1-18 We head back to Atlanta, undaunted, and are able to get me a new BC and finish processing all our docs. Now everything is on its way to the Assistant Stork to go through the Chinese Consulate!

1-19 Today I mailed our final dossier 'stuff' to CHSFS, family pictures, passport pics, CCAA dossier fees etc. This is getting so exciting!

1-23 Received some new pictures of our boy opening his care package! He is SO beautiful! Love seeing him holding onto the family photo album we sent!

1-25 Because of an ice storm in Virginia, our docs are delayed by a few days :( Thankfully they DO arrive safely today at CHSFS...now we're just waiting to hear were officially DTC!

1-27 Second care package is on its way, this one is for Jude's first birthday. He will turn one on February 9th. Wish we could be with you, sweet boy!

2-1 We get the email that we are officially DTC today! God is so good!!

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