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About JacJac
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JacJac was born on June 1, 2004.  We donít have much recent info about her, but we do know of some of her earlier feats!  At 1-2 months, she liked to gaze at colorful things and often moved her hands.  She attentively listened to the sound of a ringing bell and tried to look for it.

At 3-4 months, she brought her hands to her mouth, laughed out loud and often babbled (sheís a Crouch already!).  She could lift her head while on her tummy, and could turn over from her back.

At 5-6 months she vocalized double consonants and imitated making sounds. She recognized her caregivers and would turn her head when she was called.  At 7 months she would wave bye-bye and could stand when supported under the armpits.  She could crawl on her hands and knees.

We donít have any more information than that.  Hopefully we will receive an update before we leave for China.  While we are there we will also be able to ask questions and receive more information.

Currently she is residing in the Childrenís Welfare Institution of Shanwei City in the Guangdong Province. We can expect to travel to get her in the next 3-5 months!

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