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Trip to China
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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ok all, we have the GIRLS!!!!

We are EXHAUSTED and have had them for only four hours now...

More details later, but all is going well. They are extremely smart little girls. They already know how to use the TV remote and we quickly bonded by using Cheerios. They quickly found the music channel. And were dancing….

They love the stacking cups (Thank you Lynn !!!!!!).

Tomorrow is a big day of government appointments. Hopefully their current good mood will last through tomorrow’s long day.

Please pray that we can get them to sleep. They are running full speed ahead right now!!!

I know the pics show them in non-matching clothes, but right now, we DON’T care. LuLa has the Anna Day motif with her pretty shoes, diaper and shirt. She doesn’t want to wear any other clothes. Lu Mei was wearing most of the clothes that she arrived with…(at the time of the photos).

Ok, hopefully more details will come tomorrow. Sorry for the short post. Please keep praying that they continue to bond and all goes well tomorrow and the next week and a half!!

Stay tuned…

At Civil Affairs they are not happy!

La La although not smiling she posed for this picture she knows what the camera is apparently

Lu La sporting the Anna Day motif

Lu Mei

Yep getting into everything already

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