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Trip to China
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Well, we're here (Beijing). I still cannot believe this is happening!!

We did not sleep Tuesday night and left our house Wednesday morning at 4:00 am to go to the airport. It is now approximately 10:45 am Indiana time Thursday (11:45 PM Thursday in Beijing). We arrived at our hotel about 45 minutes ago. It is a very nice place. It has a huge bathroom with an awesome shower. The main room has a big flat panel TV with TV stations that speak English!! It is late here so not much is open, but there is a "Power House" across the street (probably not associated with my favorite Power House Restaurant back home).

We had a good trip. Almost 30 hours in airports and on airplanes, and it got old real quick. We met some neat people in Minneapolis, including another adoptive family (from another adoption agency) adopting a 10 month old. We may see her and her family again in Guangzhou at the hotel. We met some missionaries going to the Philippines for three years and a nice older couple just traveling places they have never been. They are touring Asia via a cruise.

We have much more to share, but with no sleep for two days now (except for come cat naps on the plane) is really getting to us. But, we just wanted to let you know we were here!! Tomorrow we'll be doing some touring so you'll want to stay tuned!!!

At the time of this writing, we only have 2 full days left before we meet the girls! GOD IS GOOD!

Leaving Dayton

Lunch on the Plane

Our Beijing Hotel

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