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We're Home

Sunday, December 5, 2010

We are home!! Praise God. It was a relatively uneventful homecoming. Our kids continue to absolutely floor me. They were awesome on the entire trip to China. The flights were no problem. Truly. Lauren had a grieving incident on the plane. Oh it just breaks my heart when she cries. She was just so sad. There was a sweet flight attendant who stopped by to see if we needed anything. I knew that others were trying to sleep. I just explained the situation and she told me that if anyone gave me trouble to let them answer to her. And then she brought us a plate of really yummy fruit and cheese from first class. And she loved on us a little. The best.

We had a killer 5 hour layover in Chicago. Um. Yeah. That was way fun. At least trying to keep the kids awake was. But then we finally made it home! And had a huge group of friends waiting with open arms. What an experience. One of my sweet friends, Nancy, works for Love Without Boundaries- and she actually knew Lauren- and had matched her with her foster family- she was there. What a gift that was. I just started crying when I saw her and I hugged her. What a gift LWB has been to our girl. And our family.

Ok, off to sleep. Gotta get the kids up for school in the morning! Pray for me!!! LOL.

Oh!! Lauren is amazing. Truly is amazing. What a gift we have been given in this little bundle of pure sunshine. PLEASE, if you are at all considering adoption....do it. DO it!! And if you have any questions about adopting, please ask someone who has adopted. We are ALWAYS willing to talk. :)

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