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How we can help:
I'm pleased to share this information with you regarding how we can assist Sandi and Hannah . . . Bethany is accepting contributions to support the family until December 31, 2007. Checks can be made payable to Bethany Christian Services and please indicate the Sheldon family on the memo line. Checks can be sent to Bethany's Donor Records at 901 Eastern Ave NE, PO Box 294 Grand Rapids Michigan 49501. Bethany Christian Services will give all donations to the family for their “Hope for Hannah” fund.



According to information posted on Bethany's China adoption forum, Sandi and Hannah were at the swearing in ceremony today at the Consulate and will be on their way home!! Thank you for all your prayers on their behalf, and please continue to remember them both.

Hello dear families and friends,

As many of you have heard through various forums and groups, a dear mother, Sandi, is experiencing the unimaginable - - the loss of her husband during their adoption journey in China. In addition, the U.S. Consulate has apparently denied her daughter Hannah's visa to return to the U.S. and is requesting a new I-171H.

In order to help, the request was made on-line that we all contact this woman's elected officials to intervene. I spoke with a representative from Sandi's agency just a little while ago, and they are requesting that this not be done . . . please see Bethany's official statement at the bottom of this post.

Please, please lift Sandi and her family, Hannah, Bethany Christian Services, the appropriate U.S. officials, and the U.S. Consulate in China up in your thoughts and prayers. May she know that the incredible love and support of thousands of families is with her. Pray for wisdom and grace on the part of the officials who will make decisions on her behalf.

I asked the Bethany representative how myadoptionwebsite can help. Right now your prayers are most appreciated. If we can help financially or in any other way, I will let you know.

Many thanks to those of you who contacted us about posting this. I waited to do so until we knew that others were doing so with Sandi's knowledge, as this is an extremely personal and sensitive matter.

From Bethany: Bethany Christian Services appreciates your concern and prayers for the family that is in China dealing with a recent tragedy. We are working diligently with the appropriate officials on behalf of this family in need. What we ask now is prayers for this family. Thank you for your concern and cooperation in this delicate and sensitive matter."

Due to confidentiality laws, Bethany Christian Services is not allowed to discuss other details of this adoption and confirm nor deny any information available on the internet. We also ask that the family members involved be given their privacy during this difficult time.

We have been contacted by multiple Congressional Offices as a response to your phone calls and emails. At this point, we request that you do not call your congressional representatives as they report it is not helping the offices work on the issue at hand.

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