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I want to take time to review information that may be helpful to current and future myadoptionwebsite families, and for anyone curious about the details of our service.

As most of you know, an update consists of unlimited journaling and six photos with captions. Families are welcome to write as much as they'd like each day. You may have noticed the occasional update with more than the usual number of photos . . . for a small fee, additional photos can be posted.

Want an extra link, or have extra updates you'd like to post? We're happy to do that for you. See the "Our Service" link for more information.

We strive every day to answer your emails in a warm and timely manner. Our policy is to answer each email within 24 hours. If you've sent us an email or inquiry and haven't heard back within 48 hours, please contact us again!

Also, a note about our roles here at myadoptionwebsite - - thankfully, Joe and I work very well together, and have created a smooth way of managing our business together. It is important for me to highlight the fact that Joe is the one who both creates and updates ALL of our websites. So when an update is posted at 5:30 a.m., think of my sweet husband! I assist with creative aspects of the service, and handle most of the correspondence.

Myadoptionwebsite is one part of our website and communications business . . . and, I should add, a much loved and very special part!  Joe is contracted with a  nearby small business to handle their website, marketing and communications 24 hours per week, and also manages a number of other websites.  Added to this are his sports broadcasting duties for a local radio station, and work for the Pirates and other teams in Pittsburgh.  Yes, it gets as crazy as it sounds!!  Why mention this?  Well, this is my little spot on the site, and I just want to share how proud I am of my talented and very hard-working husband! (he tried to get me to remove this, and I politely refused!!)

OK - just a few more days and we'll start the Giveaway!


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